About Us

About Us

RIGHTEOUS TALENT LLC is a reputable and expanding source of diverse talent. As such, we are interested in a variety of candidates, including but not limited to Union and non-union talent, as well as seniors, adults, teens, and children.

Based in the tri-state area, RIGHTEOUS TALENT’S offers performers full representation for commercials, television, film, voice-overs, print and runway modeling, dance, hosting, motion capture and radio, theater, book publishing, and much more! Our team also provides both management and consulting services for small businesses in the industry.

RIGHTEOUS TALENT is committed to providing the industry with versatile and gifted performers, while providing each of its clients with personalized attention. We do it because at RIGHTEOUS TALENT, we believe take a genuine interest in our clients' dreams and goals. We believe that talent is a virtue, and its arbiters, righteous. It is our moral obligation to take a genuine interest in our clients’ dreams and goals.

United. Virtuous. Moral. RIGHTEOUS!

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Diversity & Inclusion 

Since its beginnings, Righteous Talent has been committed to helping performers boost their careers with exciting opportunities in the field. As we push towards a more equitable, all-inclusive industry, we find it’s vital to not only see our variety of talent, but to hear from them as well. We have always aimed to use our platform in order to amplify the range of clients that have chosen to stand with us.

Regardless of your age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or background—Righteous Talent stands with you. As an agency, we want to focus on who you are and what you represent.

You are our artists, our innovators—it is because of you that we are shaping a more just and equitable form of entertainment. We take a genuine interest in your aspirations, and are committed to showcasing you in roles that matter. 


At Righteous Talent, you are not defined by stereotypes, labels, or prejudices; we have no place for ignorance here at the agency.

We hope to continue representing you in the collective effort of social justice for all.


Thank you,